KLC Associates
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Workshops to Build Understanding of the 'People' Dimensions of Change



What We Do:

We provide concepts, tools and process models within interactive and experiential workshop settings to enable your executives and managers to lead the change process, ignite employee passion and commitment, create environments for motivation and peak performance, and form and support ‘real’ teams that deliver results. ‘Real’ teams are ones in which all members – not just the leader – feel individually and collectively committed and accountable for delivering the team’s goals, and are given the tools, authority and empowerment to be successful in their tasks.



Workshop content includes:

  • Leading a successful change process
  • Uncovering managers’ beliefs and assumptions about under
    what conditions employees will perform at their best.
  • The five factors that are invariably linked to motivation
    and peak performance and the most common motivation
    killers in workplace environments
  • How these relate to management style and behaviors
  • Surfacing managers’ assumptions about the best/only way to organize and structure departments and work groups – simulations in workshop settings and experimenting with alternative models.
  •  “Stuff it” syndrome in change processes – how to prevent or overcome it
  • The “Swiss Cheese” model of change
  • Teams as fractals of the existing hierarchy – what’s different about ‘real’ teams
  • Coaching employees and teams for ‘breakthrough’ thinking


Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching