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Executive and Management "Discovery" Workshops



What We Do:

With your diagnostic data in hand, we conduct an interactive workshop with your executives and senior managers to help you explore, discuss and fully understand what your employees and customers had to say, and what we found. We don’t just tell you what your key “Current State” strengths, issues and opportunities are – through our discovery process you draw your own conclusions. Your Senior Management will leave with a comprehensive picture of what is working well and what is not working well in a number of arenas: 



  • The extent to which people understand the long term, big picture goals of the company
  • Technical, business and service or production processes
  • Decision-making, communication, solution-seeking, innovation
    and other processes
  • Customer satisfaction and brand perception
  • Alignment among functions and departments, and perceived compatibility of performance targets
  •  “People” dimensions
    • Job satisfaction and ability to do give best effort
    • Empowerment and control over work
    • Motivation, morale and commitment
    • Reward and recognition
    • Training and development
One thing we do that is different is ask you to wait until you have completed the next step – agreement on a Vision of your preferred future state -- to define which of our diagnostic outcomes are most important to act on, rather than leaping in to solving “Current State” issues.
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