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Diagnosis of Your Current State–What You Need to Change and Why






Are competitors catching up?
Are you losing customers?
Are you aware of your brand image
and reputation with customers?
Are you falling behind on innovation?
Are processes broken?
Are your employees as passionate
and committed as you would like?






What We Do:

We conduct thorough diagnostics with Senior Managers, employees, and customers to help you understand your current state and to identify core strengths and drivers for change. We have an arsenal of diagnostic capabilities, but for change processes we prefer to use the following two tools, as they provide in depth detail of what people are thinking and feeling.

  • Structured Interviews for Executives and Senior Managers
  • Focus Workshops for Employees and customers we can conduct these with as few as 3 and many as 100 participants at one time. 
    • Employees:  We form ‘like’ sub-groups of people from different functions, and ask them to discuss and respond to diagnostic questions. We ask participants to prioritize the workshop outcomes by individually ‘voting’ for the items they feel are most important – to keep, strengthen or change --for the company’s success and their own motivation and commitment.
    • Customers: We ask customers to discuss their perceptions of your brand as defined by their own personal experiences with your company and its products or services. We ask them to individually ‘vote’ for the items that they feel are most important to them as customers, and to strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

Where appropriate, we can observe your product in use or experience your services first- hand. We can also benchmark your competitors and research emerging trends that might affect your business.

We then prepare a comprehensive report of what we have found, including the key overall themes and messages, any sharp differences that emerged among the various constituencies – organization levels, functions, customers – as well as our own observations and any market research or benchmarking we have done for you.

Large Scale Change
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Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching