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Executive Visioning and Strategic Planning Process



What We Do:

We work with your Senior Management team to create




  “The Dream”  

that describes your preferred future state and defines your “sharp purpose” and brand identity -- how you will be uniquely different from your competitors – as well as the strategic goals, values and principles to achieve it. Your shared Vision of a preferred future state sets priorities for and guides everything your organization does and doesn’t do, including where you invest your capital and other resources. It acts as a framework for employees to make choices in their day-to-day work without constantly asking for direction from their supervisors.

We facilitate your Senior Management team through a collaborative and creative process to develop and agree elements of your Vision and strategy. This process ensures a richness and completeness of content that is not possible if a single individual or small ‘inner circle’ group creates it. It also ensures that everyone understands the Vision in the same way and that Senior Managers feel individually and collectively committed to achieving it.

We have found that the Vision of many companies – if one exists – was written by the CEO, Human Resource Director or even a consultant. Hence, as the Senior Management Team was not involved in developing it, few members will feel any ownership and commitment. The outcome is most frequently empty rhetoric on a piece of paper that gathers dust in the back of desk drawers.


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