KLC Associates
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Targeted Performance Enhancement Interventions



We can identify targets for enhancing effectiveness within your organization…
or we can use goals you have defined.

We will design and facilitate focused
change projects that can
quantum leaps in performance
Some of our most popular and successful focused change processes include:





What We Do:

  • Quality Mindset Revolution Process - transforming quality from an obligation and a monitoring/policing function to a passionate obsession for all levels of the organization.

  • Broken Process Clinic - diagnosing, mapping, analyzing, repairing, and streamlining dysfunctional processes.

  • Rooting Out Non-Value Added Activities – eliminating work elements not consistent with the organization’s goals, values, and priorities.

  • Conflict Resolution, and “Getting To One” – a group process for converging multiple views, needs and agendas into a single consensus outcome.

  • Creating High Commitment – High Performance Environments – transforming the work environment into one that promotes high motivation, commitment and performance.
Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Business Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching