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Organizational Learning



To survive in today’s chaotic business environment, organizations must be able
to learn and adapt.

However, In stark contrast to the sophisticated technologies deployed in design and manufacturing, many organizations have only a few – sometimes antiquated and often ineffective -- mechanisms for capturing, disseminating and leveraging new learning and best practices. This means that when launching new initiatives they continue to rely on a limited number of old strategies that no longer produce the results that are needed to remain competitive.

We can offer you a broad range of strategies and processes for accessing and harnessing the organization’s knowledge base,and creating a learning organization.




What We Do:

  • Valuing and Using Individual Differences – We will use the MBTI and various Learning Styles Inventories with your work groups and teams to stimulate understanding of individual differences and how to leverage them for maximum learning.

  • Accessing Tacit Knowledge – Whether you want to improve work processes or build the knowledge, skills and capabilities of  new employees in your organization, we can uncover, surface and help you capitalize on and disseminate tacit knowledge that exists within your workforce.

  • Deconstruction Process –  Whether initiatives are successful or fail, many organizations rely on some form of analytical ‘Lessons Learned’ approach to pull out the key factors. Unfortunately, these tend to involve many assumptions, impressions, beliefs, diverse understandings of sequences of events and finger-pointing,  and tend to focus on technical elements. We can bring you a unique KLC process that involves all key parties in deconstructing what happened from beginning to end – looking at actions, intentions, reactions, consequences and outcomes from multiple perspectives. The end result has been powerful and often surprising learning that has enabled our clients to dramatically improve the way they do things.

  • Creating Learning and Innovation Groups – We work with you to create and support ad hoc and formal groups to do innovative thinking where it is most needed: A greenhouse” to generate new technological/product development ideas, or groups within functions that learn about what is going on in the cutting edge of their field and develop new concepts, tools, processes and practices.

  • Innovation Workshops to foster creative thinking and breakthrough solutions through experiential exercises and a variety of learning experiences.
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