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Comprehensive Organizational Diagnosis



We offer our clients a full suite of diagnostic tools, from basic measurement tools and analyses of work processes to processes that will surface your employees’ real core concerns --  so you can drive change that will make a difference. For multinational environments, we offer specialized diagnostics tailored specifically for multi-cultural work settings.




What We Do:

  • Corporate Cultural Diagnosis using our 12 dimensional model to surface, understand and manage differences within multi-national corporations, new acquisitions, partnerships, and joint venture
  • Employee Attitude Surveys to gain an overview of employees’ attitudes
  • Discovery Process Workshops to go beyond survey data and understand what participants were thinking, feeling, and responding to when they took the survey.
  • 360 Feedback Process for surfacing executive group issues
  • Focus Groups and Focus Workshops to identify group and organizational issues
  • Structured Interview Formats and Processes tailored to specific organizational needs
  • Process mapping and analysis
  • Task and workload analyses within departments and functions
Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Business Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching