KLC Associates
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Executive, Management & Emploee Workshops – Unleashing the Power of Diversity





What We Do:

We design and conduct workshops with the following objectives:

  • Creating understanding of a more powerful framing of Diversity as a source of greatly enhanced employee satisfaction and competitive advantage as well as
    problem prevention – and how to do it.
  • Surfacing, understanding, and changing unconscious biases and stereotypic thinking reflected in beliefs, assumptions and judgments made about people
  • Understanding, valuing and utilizing individual differences
  • Providing concepts, tools and skills to
    • help you form diverse teams and work groups that can leverage and fully use their differences to deliver more creative, higher quality results
    • effectively respond to Diversity-related conflicts and issues that emerge within work groups
  • Developing solutions to real issues surfaced in the Diagnostics



Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching