KLC Associates
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Creating Integrated Diversity Systems & Processes



What We Do:

Depending upon the current state and goals of your
Diversity systems and processes, we can help you
create your comprehensive Diversity Road Map.  This might include:

  • Launching an effective  Diversity Steering Team
  • Creating or revisiting the Vision and Scope of your Diversity Process
  • Working with internal subject matter experts to revamp your recruiting strategy and methods, career development, mentoring and promotional systems and internal policies  to support Diversity
  • Coaching individual mangers and work teams to maximize their ability to understand, value and fully utilize differences.
  • Forming, launching and supporting diverse product development, innovation, customer care, problem solving and other teams that could benefit from the power of diversity.




Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching