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Team and Work Group Coaching


We have developed process models and coaching techniques which can get your local, regional or global project teams and work groups up and running smoothly and delivering results – avoiding the most common pitfalls that create impasses, obstruct or derail teams.

We are also expert at getting derailed teams back on track. Varieties of teams we have helped achieve successful outcomes include:

  • New product/program development
  • Innovation and advanced product development
  • Cost reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Global complexity reduction and synergies
  • Implementation of new structures and roles
    into an existing system
  • Intact work teams
  • Work load analysis and elimination of
    non-added value tasks
  • Hourly autonomous and semi-autonomous
    work team



Our methods, process models and instruments we can offer you include:

  • Observation, intervention and feedback during team meetings -- to improve dynamics ‘on the spot’ and build the team’s ability to identify and manage dysfunctional dynamics and behaviors, and establish effective processes
    • Feedback and coaching of team leaders
    • Facilitation training and coaching for team leaders
  • MBTI – to assist a team in understanding the individual styles represented in their team, where to best use
    and leverage differences to benefit the team, and where areas of tension and conflict are likely to emerge.
    (And what to do about them)
  • Process Model for Successful Teamsa step by step guide presented in hands-on working sessions
    with your teams
  • Process Model for Successful Global or Cross-functional  Teams 
    Teams that have members from different national and corporate cultures – or even different functions within the same organization (e.g., product development, finance, purchasing, manufacturing ) -- have unique difficulties achieving alignment of, and commitment to common goals (that are understood in the same way by all members), and agreeing on working processes to deliver expected results. Many such teams we have successfully consulted with had been at an impass for six months to two years. As with the Process Model for Successful Teams, this model will provide these unique teams a step-by-step guide, along with companion models vital for success.
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