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Executive and Mangement Coaching




What We Do:

  • Shadowing, Observation and Feedback - we will spend time with individual executives or managers observing their leadership styles, behaviors, communications, interactions with peers and subordinates, problem solving
    and decision making approaches, and body language in various settings. We give feedback and develop
    individual strategies and plans
    for enhancing their leadership skills-sets and effectiveness.
  • 360 degree diagnoses, feedback processes and coaching – Executive teams and individuals - using off-the-shelf instruments or custom designed diagnostics, we provide coaching to individual executives as well as our
    KLC Associates Executive Operating Committee Process Model
    for negotiating new behaviors, interactions, expectations and other group level issues.
  • The Turkey Coaching Model - a KLC coaching model in which we and the executive collaboratively explore what each perceives as the dimensions of an issue, challenging underlying beliefs and assumptions to ultimately see beyond the boundaries and achieve breakthrough solutions.
  • Career Development and Advancement For Executives and Sr. Managers - in addition to more general coaching, we can offer you two processes that are specifically focused on helping individual executives and managers progress their careers. In many cases we have been able to assist senior managers to achieve high executive levels, and even  “appropriately placed” mid-level managers to advance to senior levels – where they have been able to make significant contributions.
    • Guerilla Tactics for Executives – to  influence colleagues or more senior executives, create visibility, build relationships, showcase capabilities and advance careers
    • Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors Inventory and Interview Process for career coaching – helping clients understand career options for which they are best suited; developing plans for achieving them
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