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Getting Ready to Go Global


Assessing your preparedness to do business internationally. 
Doing business internationally requires crossing a number of ‘boundaries’: National, language, cultural – (both national and corporate) -- religious, political and economic.  We will conduct an audit of your firm’s preparedness for success in the diverse global marketplace, and design workshops to build understanding of what it takes, and provide you with concepts and tools to do it.



Assistance in Identification of target
markets that will enhance probabilities
of success. 

Many companies have some idea of where they want to create global business relationships – usually based on the kind of product or service, emerging market trends, ease of entry, and so on.  However, recent research has shown that a much wider array of factors correlate significantly with successful expansion into new markets, including cultural distance as well as administrative distance, geographic distance, and economic distance.  We can help you explore these factors to in selecting the best target markets for your firm and help you shape your entry strategy to account for potential risk factors.

We can also provide tips and techniques for adapting your product or service to other markets

Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Relationships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching