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Forging Successful Ongoing Global Partnerships



After you have successfully navigated early relationship building and getting your deal signed, you are not out of the woods, yet. Research shows that between 60% to 80% of global partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and other relationships either fail outright or produce disappointing results. The number one cause is corporate cultural differences (CCDs) that are not recognized and managed. Through our research, we have identified twelve critical organization dimensions in which CCDs are expressed --  such as leadership behaviors, decision-making, communication --  that can frustrate potential partners and derail collaboration.

What We Do:



Executive, management and key employee workshops and coaching involving both/all  partners to surface, understand and agree how to manage Corporate Cultural Differences (CCDs) that already have, or could, derail the partnership.

  • Using our diagnostic instrument, we will help all parties understand where their key CCDs exist,
    and facilitate agreements on how to manage them.
  • Through our alignment process, we will also
    ensure that all parties agree ---and understand
    in the same way --what they are trying to achieve
    and their respective roles and responsibilities –
    the “How’s”

Workshops and coaching with cross-cultural product development or other joint project teams to enable them to deliver synergies, cost reductions, innovation, increased commonality, integrated processes, technical solutions and other goals.

Twenty-five years of international consulting experience stand behind KLC Associates’ Cross-Cultural Team Process Model, and Getting-To-One Process. We have helped global teams to achieve major breakthroughs after months, and in some cases, years of frustration and impasse.  We can show you how to establish a successful collaborative relationship from the start, swiftly converging multiple wants and requirements into one agreed-upon solution, delivering or exceeding targets.
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