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Karen Cornelius
President, KLC Associates

Karen Cornelius, founder and President of KLC Associates, is an innovative, results-driven Change Management and Organization Development executive with over twenty years experience in leading successful consulting projects for both regional and multinational companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

With insights gained through her extensive international and industry experience Karen has helped clients resolve a broad range of national and corporate cultural issues arising from international expansion, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, and evolutionary cultural change.   Karen has helped clients achieve collaborative synergies and efficiencies while maintaining the unique 'DNA' and competitive advantage of all the various partners, as well as establish lasting processes for  surfacing and managing cultural differences as they arise.

Jeffrey T. Walsh
Executive Vice President, KLC Associates

Jeff Walsh is an incisive organization development and communications strategist helping global companies create success and build rapport with external and internal stakeholders.  With hands on experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Jeff has guided the simultaneous integration of national and organizational cultures in situations ranging from the launch of new operations, to acquisitions, to joint ventures. 

Externally, he works with companies to tailor their message across multiple cultures and languages to deliver complex information in a candid, consistent, and understandable manner.  No stranger to controversial issues, Jeff has reduced clients’ exposure risk and preserved their reputation in the face of situations involving litigation, labor unrest, and regulatory scrutiny.

Alexia Bosse
Vice President and Senior Consultant, KLC Associates

Head of our German office in Köln, Alexia is a capable executive and gifted consultant with 10 years experience helping both small firms and Fortune 100 multinationals improve employee motivation and organization performance.  Alexia works with strong intuition, empathy and a positive, proactive approach in creating individual, team and organization change that has proven invaluable to many of our clients.

She brings an impressive array of capabilities to our clients, making significant contributions in several of our practice areas including:  targeted change initiatives to produce superior results, forging successful global partnerships, integrating diverse, multi-cultural teams, as well as executive and management coaching.  The focus of her coaching is to develop leaders who understand their strengths and weaknesses and are able to create working environments that ignite passion, commitment and peak performance.

Sandhya Narayanan
Vice President and Senior Consultant, KLC Associates

With 16 years of leadership, project and change management consulting experience, Sandy has amassed an impressive track record in the areas of organization design, leadership development and succession planning, total rewards systems, international compensation and benefits and HR information management. 

Sandy is particularly skilled at harmonizing compensation and succession planning strategies with an organization’s Vision and goals.  She has worked with multinationals on global change initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring actions.  She has successfully led global initiatives to optimize service delivery models, guided clients in creating comprehensive sourcing strategies, and designed processes to integrate structure, talent, and process improvements with information technology, yielding significant cost savings.

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