KLC Associates
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Creating Change. Forging Successful Global Partnerships.

KLC Associates is an international consulting company, offering a comprehensive portfolio of organization development, executive coaching and training services. Our core competency encompasses two related arenas: creating change and forging successful international business relationships.

No company has ever succeeded solely through cost cutting and efficiencies. We create real change–both large scale and targeted initiatives–enabling our clients to sharpen their capabilities, ignite passion and commitment among employees, and most importantly, grow their business.

In our fastest growing practice area, we help clients forge successful multi-national partnerships from the beginning–selecting the right target markets and prospects for partnerships, understanding and managing national and corporate cultural differences, developing sound early relationships, and achieving shared understanding and alignment with their partners on strategic goals. We also have proven expertise in getting struggling or de-railed international teams back on track.



Large Scale Change
Forging Successful Partnerships
Diversity Strategy & Processes
Focused Change & Improvement
Executive & Team Coaching
Insights for Executives
  Getting Innovative:
How to capture imagination and launch winning products quickly